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Global Health NOW Series Examines Community, Individual Impacts Of Burn Injuries

Global Health NOW: Blazing Injustice: The Hidden Crisis of Burn Injuries
“Burns cause an estimated 180,000 deaths each year, yet they rarely rate a significant spot on the global health agenda. In Nepal, an estimated 56,000 people are burned seriously each year. In a three-part exclusive series for Global Health NOW, Joanne Silberner reports on the devastating effects of burns in the country — the Untold Global Health Story of 2017, submitted by Emaline Laney, a scholar from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine…” (Silberner, 10/20).

Global Health NOW: Witness to Injustice
“…In this Q&A, Silberner, a freelance journalist and former NPR science reporter, shares indelible images from her reporting, thoughts on why burns have failed to resonate as a global health issue and the sense of fatalism that keeps some people from embracing prevention…” (Simpson, 10/24).