Global Health Innovation Needs U.N. Support

Noting the U.N. General Assembly (UNGA) this week is discussing the post-2015 development agenda, Global Health Technologies Coalition (GHTC) Coalition Director Kaitlin Christenson writes in the GHTC’s “Breakthroughs” blog, “[T]here is a strong need for greater recognition about the need for new medical innovations to carry us through this next period — as well as the commitments and leadership that will get us there.” She continues, “With sustained investment and support, further gains are achievable: from the eradication of polio, to the elimination of malaria; from controlling and ending the AIDS and [tuberculosis (TB)] epidemics, to effectively diagnosing and treating neglected tropical diseases. The post-2015 development agenda must prioritize innovation for health.” She concludes, “I hope that global health innovation is strongly supported by leaders during this week’s UNGA and that the discussions held this week will result in concrete support for global health research and product development as a key component of the post-2015 development agenda” (9/23).