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Global Health Experts Urge G20 To Take On Larger Roles In R&D For Outbreak Preparedness, NTDs, AMR

Devex: G20: Can the world’s richest economies innovate for global health?
“…As the burden of [neglected tropical, or neglected poverty-related,] diseases shifts, and the threat of pandemics begins to hit home even in the world’s wealthiest countries, advocates are pushing for the health ministers of the G20 — gathering in Berlin later this month for the first meeting of its kind — to do their bit in supporting global health R&D in tackling neglected diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and pandemic preparedness. Advocates point to the economic and political benefits of mobilizing a platform such as the G20 toward better collaboration in global health, and emphasize the intersection of global health and security as one way to collectively drive new resources…” (Anders, 5/5).