Global Health Experts Propose Global Action Plan To Combat Low Immunization Rates In Lancet ID Opinion Piece

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: The public health crisis of underimmunization: a global plan of action
Lawrence O. Gostin of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center and colleagues

“…Reasons for falling vaccination rates globally include low public trust in vaccines, constraints on affordability or access, and insufficient governmental vaccine investments. Consequently, an emerging crisis in vaccine hesitancy ranges from hyperlocal to national and worldwide. Outbreaks often originate in small, insular communities with low immunization rates. … Resurging childhood diseases and fragile global vaccination campaigns necessitate concerted action. Our action plan focuses on the prime causes of underimmunization: vaccine availability, public distrust, and lax immunization laws. Immunization is a potent public health tool. Finding the political will and holding governments accountable are essential. Countless lives can be saved if the international community sustainably funds vaccination systems, assures reliable information, and safeguards the common good through meaningful law reform” (11/6).