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Global Fund ED Candidates Should Have Capacity To Make Progress On ‘Results, Efficiency, Money’

Center for Global Development’s “Global Health Policy Blog”: Global Fund Executive Director Reboot
Amanda Glassman, chief operating officer and senior fellow at CGD, discusses the continuation of the Global Fund’s executive director search process, writing, “Advocates exert strong influence over the Global Fund through the media and big donors have veto — so its ED selection process should acknowledge the realpolitik and vet candidates broadly and in the public domain, while giving due consideration to candidates’ capacity to navigate difficult political and financial headwinds. As the executive director search reboots, I am looking for candidates that have clarity, concrete plans, and capacity to make progress in three areas — the big 3 — that are essential to the Fund’s survival: results, efficiency, and money. … Implementing this agenda requires the ability to manage a Board and a set of interests and advocates that all point in different, sometimes contradictory, directions. For its part, the Board needs to recognize the crisis now faced, and empower the ED — once selected — to focus on the big 3, even if that means letting other issues take the backseat for a time” (3/1).