Global Community Should Mobilize Resources, Solve Humanitarian Crisis Brought On By Hurricane Matthew In Haiti

Huffington Post: Haiti Is Facing A Humanitarian Crisis We Can Solve — So Why Aren’t We?
Michael J. Nyenhuis, president and CEO of AmeriCares; Tiffany R. Kuehner, chair of Hope for Haiti; Nancy Aossey, president and CEO of International Medical Corps; and Carolyn S. Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children

“Of the many humanitarian crises challenging the world today, none is as solvable as the human disaster that Hurricane Matthew has wrought in southwestern Haiti. The threats to human life in Haiti’s Sud and Grand Anse departments are entirely within our grasp to address immediately: starvation, exposure, and disease — cholera, from contaminated water. And we have the solution at hand: food, shelter, clean water, medicine, and sanitation supplies. The only barrier is the collective will and resolve to act. Not doing so now — as we approach the one-month mark — means certain death for thousands of people, perhaps tens of thousands. … This disaster requires mobilization at a huge scale and fast. The U.S. government has deployed resources but if it does more, it will signal the urgency to others. Individuals, corporations, and foundations need to support the work of qualified relief agencies that can save lives…” (11/1).