Global Community Should Adopt Policies That Could Moderate Population Growth

New York Times: Letter to the editor: Population Growth
Philip Warburg, nonresident senior fellow at Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy

“…Population growth will have a big effect on our global environment, yet we seldom face that issue head-on. The United Nations has just updated its ‘World Population Prospects,’ and the numbers are stunning. Under a slow-growth scenario, we will have 9.6 billion people on this planet by 2100. On the high end, there will be 13.2 billion of us — a 76 percent increase above today’s 7.5 billion. It’s time to get serious about encouraging policies at home and abroad that stand a chance of steering us toward the lower end of those United Nations projections. Family planning, birth control, and voluntary abortion aren’t dirty words; they’re keys to our environmental survival” (7/24).