Global Community Must Protect Women’s Sexual, Reproductive Rights

The Guardian: Women are suffering globally — we must act now
Members of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group and the Gender and Rights Advisory Panel of the Human Reproduction Programme

“…Current global trends — increasing stigmatization of essential information and health services, continued support for harmful practices such as child marriage and [female genital mutilation (FGM)], increasing restrictions on contraceptive services and abortion care, and decreasing funding — threaten the provision of life-saving care needed by women and girls, especially the poorest and most marginalized. We fear that the significant gains made over the past three decades … will be compromised. As an independent, global body of scientists, we call on the international community, governments, private sector, and others to protect everyone’s right to the highest attainable standards of sexual and reproductive health, to safeguard the tremendous progress made to date, and to take all necessary steps to sustain and expand sexual and reproductive health programs and research. This situation harms women and threatens the capacity of all states to honor and fulfill their pledge [to the Sustainable Development Goals]…” (3/2).