Global Community Must Prevent Violence, Address Underlying Causes Of Humanitarian Crises

Washington Post: We can, and must, prevent the next Yemen
Neal Keny-Guyer, chief executive of Mercy Corps

“…The international community must learn from [the] devastation [in Yemen]. To avert another Yemen, Syria, or Iraq, we must prevent violence before it erupts. We can accomplish this by helping at-risk communities improve governance, promote fair economic growth, and protect natural resources. … As global leaders convene in New York [this] week to address the world’s most pressing security challenges, … they must resist the temptation to focus solely on current crises while downplaying or avoiding discussions of their underlying causes. Conflict prevention must be our primary responsibility to humanity. As a global community, we will be unable to tackle the other challenges of our time — addressing the unprecedented refugee crisis, ending poverty, and reducing hunger — without first preventing violence before it begins. Let’s learn from the crises in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere and take action now to ward off the next violent conflict” (9/21).