Global Community Must Implement ‘Roadmap For Childhood TB’

Huffington Post: Creating a Global Roadmap to End Childhood TB
Stephan Rabimov, business development and marketing manager, International Management Development Program

“…As per international guidelines, young or HIV-infected children in contact with an adult with TB should be offered preventive treatment that can reduce the risk of their developing TB disease. However, in many limited-resource settings, this protocol is not followed and … [t]his is precisely why the burden of TB in children must be addressed. To build public awareness and offer a plan of action, in 2013 a group of seven partner organizations worked together to produce a new ‘Roadmap for Childhood Tuberculosis’ with leadership from the Stop TB Partnership’s Childhood TB Subgroup, the global umbrella that advocates for all TB-related topics. … The next challenge will be to see that the 10 steps for addressing childhood TB outlined in the roadmap are implemented…” (1/17).