Global Citizen, Innovative Technology Can Advance Sanitation Efforts Worldwide

The Guardian: Tweets for toilets: how A-listers saved sanitation
Rose George, author and writer

“…When I started working in sanitation only a couple of NGOs would publicly talk about toilets, despite the death toll that open defecation causes … But now, everyone’s at it. … [WASH] has become talkable, and tweetable. But is that all just noise? How much does visibility and talkability effect real change? … More needs to be done of course, which is why [Hugh Evans, who co-founded Global Citizen with filmmaker Ryan Gall,] is emphatic about the glamour of [September’s Global Citizen Central Park] concert being accompanied by monitoring and the serious stuff. He’d like politicians who make promises to come back and report, and for Global Citizen to engage in monitoring…” (10/19).