Global Advocates Continue Work To Ensure Women’s Health, Rights

HuffPost: Trump’s Attacks On Women Worldwide Mean The Resistance Is Global
Latanya Mapp Frett, executive director of Planned Parenthood Global

“One year ago, on the heels of the largest day of protest in U.S. history and a truly global moment of solidarity on women’s rights, the newly inaugurated president resurrected and radically expanded the harmful global gag rule, a policy that puts politics between a patient and her provider. … This policy would prove to be the first in several sustained attacks on women around the world by this administration. … The attacks on women have been relentless and global in nature. But so, too, has been the resistance. … Planned Parenthood has been working with our partners in D.C. and around the world as well as with our allies in Congress to successfully resist efforts to codify the global gag rule and cuts to international family planning — but the fight continues. One year ago on Monday, January 23, following the vim and vigor of the Women’s March, the president took a pen and signed a death warrant for millions of women around the world. He tried to silence them, to silence us. We won’t be gagged and we certainly won’t be silent” (1/19).