Giant River Prawns Reduce Number Of Schistosomiasis-Infected Snails, Burden Of Disease In Senegalese Village

National Geographic: How Giant Prawns Could Fight Tropical Disease and Poverty
“…A team of scientists led by Susanne Sokolow from Stanford University has been working on a way of stopping the [Senegalese schistosomiasis] outbreak by bringing the snails — and their parasites — under control. Their plan? Add prawns…” (Yong, 7/20).

VOA News: River Prawn New Weapon Against Schistosomiasis
“…[The] team stocked a river in Senegal with prawns, which, in addition to eating the parasite-infected snails, provide a source of marketable protein-rich food. After 18 months, the researchers found 80 percent fewer infected snails and the burden of disease in a nearby village lower by half. In reporting their study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers say this approach has four major benefits: controlling disease, restoring biodiversity, alleviating poverty, and improving nutrition…” (Lapidus, 7/20).