GHTC Annual Policy Report Calls For Greater U.S. Support Of Global Health R&D

News outlets discuss the Global Health Technologies Coalition’s sixth annual policy report, released this week.

Healio: Report highlights need for continued U.S. support for global health
“In its annual policy report, the Global Health Technologies Coalition highlighted the need for U.S. policymakers to continue to support global health research and development. On the heels of the Ebola outbreak, which itself highlighted the necessity of investment for new technologies, drugs, and vaccines, the report recommends that Congress ‘provide robust and stable funding for global health research and development, as well as allocate additional resources for global health emergencies as needed’…” (Shafer, 3/26).

Medium: Ebola Was the Wake-Up Call for Global Health…
“…The GHTC report notes that since 2009, U.S. government investments in global health R&D have been either declining or stagnating. Moreover, GHTC is concerned that global health budgets could face a new round of automatic, across-the-board spending cuts that would kick in this fall if President Obama and Congress fail to strike a new budget agreement…” (3/23).