Gaps In Ebola Data Present Challenges; Worst-Case Disease Models Not Panning Out

Associated Press: In Ebola outbreak, bad data adds another problem
“…Having accurate numbers about an outbreak is essential not only to provide a realistic picture of the epidemic, but to determine effective control strategies. Dr. Bruce Aylward, who is leading the World Health Organization’s Ebola response, said it’s crucial to track every single Ebola patient in West Africa to stop the outbreak and that serious gaps remain in their data…” (Cheng/DiLorenzo, 12/8).

Scientific American: Ebola Infections Fewer Than Predicted by Disease Models
“…Modelers are forced to build some assumptions into their programs because of a lack of data. That’s especially true at the beginning of an epidemic when efforts to stop the outbreak take precedence over accurate data collection and communication. … Making projections far into the future can also introduce inaccuracies into disease models…” (Yasmin, 12/8).