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G7 Leaders Should Address Global Health Care Worker Shortage To Improve Epidemic Preparedness

Huffington Post: G7 Leaders Can Help Close the Global Health Care Workforce Gap
Rob Lovelace, senior fellow at the Trade Union Sustainable Development Unit

“…Addressing the global health care worker shortage is one of the most important steps the G7 can take immediately to improve future epidemic preparedness. … There is no denying health care workers are the backbone of sustainable, resilient health systems or that the success or failure of the G7’s global health commitments will ultimately rest in their hands. With global pandemics like HIV, TB, and malaria yet to be vanquished, preventable [neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)] causing untold lifetimes of suffering, our world rocked by outbreaks of Ebola and the Zika virus, and the near certainty of new global health threats, how can we possibly afford to continue to take health care workers for granted? The answer is we can’t” (5/16).