G20 Summit Was ‘Disappointing’ On Global Health Commitments

The Lancet: G20 Osaka: when will global health commitments be realized?
Editorial Board

“The Group of 20 (G20) Summit took place on June 28 and 29 in Osaka, Japan, amid escalating tensions over trade, climate change, and even the value of liberalism. With the dominant focus on the economy and global trade, … health discussions failed to make the mainstream media headlines. Indeed, progression on health was disappointing. … On health, the G20 Osaka Summit recognized that ‘global health … is essential as a basis for sustainable growth of the global economy,’ and noted ‘the importance of sustainable health financing towards UHC.’ However, the first Joint Session of the G20 Finance and Health Ministers as part of the G20 Osaka Summit was also a disappointment, with no formal outcome document, and with health ministers simply capitulating to the constraints set by finance ministers. … In the words of Dr. Tedros, WHO’s director general, who was invited to G20 Osaka: ‘Health is a political choice. As @g20org leaders, you have a unique opportunity to make that choice for a better world.’ The G20 Osaka Summit could best be described as building momentum on past global health commitments. The Health Ministers’ Meeting on Oct 19-20, 2019, in Okayama and the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia are the next milestones. Progress on the Declaration commitments must now be demonstrated” (7/6).