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Forum On Fair Drug Pricing Proposes Several Potential Actions For Stakeholders

Intellectual Property Watch: WHO, Stakeholders Take ‘First Step’ On Fair Pricing For Medicines
“The World Health Organization has concluded a major one-day forum on fair pricing of medicines, bringing a wide range of stakeholders together in Amsterdam and coming up with several possible actions for the way ahead. Key points of discussion included a definition of fair pricing, moving away from value-based pricing, delinkage of price from research and development costs, and greater transparency, according to participants…” (Saez/New, 5/12).

Reuters: WHO wants transparency, market revamp for fairer drug pricing
“…Drugmakers are under growing fire as a wave of new treatments for serious conditions like cancer and hepatitis C come to market at sky-high prices, putting them out of reach of many patients and national health services. … WHO Assistant Director-General Marie-Paule Kieny said there was agreement that industry needed reasonable returns on research and development, but governments should play a stronger role in setting prices and directing the drug research agenda…” (Hirschler, 5/11).