Former Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Signs Bill Banning FGM On Last Day In Office

Refinery 29: This Female President Did Something Huge On Her Last Day In Office
“…Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the [former] Liberian president … and also Africa’s first ever female president, used her last day in office to sign an executive order banning female genital mutilation (FGM) for a year. … Around half of all women among Liberia’s population of 4.6 million have undergone FGM, and it is considered a rite of passage…” (Gil, 1/26).

RT News: Liberia imposes 12-month moratorium on female genital mutilation
“…Sirleaf, Africa’s first female president, handed over power to former soccer star and president-elect George Weah on January 22, having signed the Domestic Violence Bill as one of her final acts as head of state. The move has not been widely publicized in Liberia as it took place on the eve of Weah’s inauguration. … The temporary ban makes it an offense to perform FGM on anyone under the age of 18, and requires explicit consent if performed on an adult…” (1/26).