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Foreign Policy Examines Effects Of PEPFAR’s New Strategies, Funding Constraints

Foreign Policy: Obama Dreams of an AIDS-Free Generation
“…The new strategy engineered by [Deborah Birx, the U.S. global AIDS coordinator,] and publicly introduced at the end of 2014 reflects all of these concerns: demographics, coverage, and funding constraints. In effect, the strategy repositions resources to address the areas and populations most likely to reverse PEPFAR’s gains. … Officials say this strategy offers PEPFAR its best chance to realize the goal of an AIDS-free generation within its funding constraints. … Given the current funding constraints, there is some consensus — both within and outside PEPFAR — that Birx has hit on the model that will save the most lives. But critics fault Congress and the Obama administration for promising to usher in an AIDS-free generation while forcing PEPFAR to ration the expansion of critical HIV services…” (Green, 4/18).