Foreign Aid Investments Serve America’s Interests

Independent Journal Review: Foreign Aid Has an Enormous ROI for the U.S. and Boosts Our National Security. Don’t Cut It.
Richard Fontaine, president of the Center for a New American Security

“…Wisely spending dollars abroad represents not merely charity, but an exercise in short and long-term self-interest. It helps keep America safe and serves our national security objectives. … [F]oreign aid programs can act as a preventive tonic, helping to stifle conflict and instability before they get started. By stemming the spread of pandemic disease, for example, or helping refugees who would otherwise migrate, or by improving the economic condition of those who may take up arms, such assistance can reduce the need for our military to get involved in the first place. … Instead of looking to trim our aid and development programs, we should look to new Marshall Plans, aimed at eradicating deadly diseases, or reducing malnutrition, or improving democracy and governance. Such a plan might actually bring together Republicans and Democrats in Congress and do good by serving the long-term interests of the American people…” (7/17).