U.S. Foreign Assistance Can ‘Help Reaffirm America As Powerful, Positive Force In World’

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Chris Collins, president of Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

“…[F]oreign assistance advances America’s security interests, but its import is far greater. At its best, foreign aid projects America’s highest ideals around the world in a tangible way that changes peoples’ lives. … There is reason, and room, to grow the aid budget where we can make major humanitarian and development gains. … We need an expanded investment in international assistance that is focused on impact and that reflects the challenges of the coming decades. … Smart foreign aid is America at its best: advancing health, growth, and democratic values while benefiting our interests at home. At a time when many politicians are seeking to articulate our defining principles, U.S. development investment overseas should be part of every presidential candidate’s foreign policy platform. Utilizing evidence-based approaches and closely monitoring results, we can support people in other countries to achieve better futures and help shape the world in which we must co-exist. As a small fraction of the federal budget, international assistance keeps us safer and stronger, but it can also help reaffirm America as a powerful, positive force in the world” (6/27).