Foreign Aid Can Help Prevent Global Spread Of Diseases Like Ebola

Detroit Free Press: Why Ebola isn’t just Africa’s problem
Utibe Effiong, a Nigerian physician, research associate at the University of Michigan, and a New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute

“…[P]eople — and their infections — are not bound by borders. To those who claim we can’t afford foreign aid, I respond that we can’t afford to think of health threats as ‘foreign’ and ‘domestic.’ … [T]here is nothing ‘foreign’ about foreign aid. When it comes to infectious diseases, aid can be about self-protection, not altruism. … By investing in research for early diagnosis, treatment and vaccines for ‘African’ diseases such as Ebola, we can make the type of progress that we have made with heart disease, diabetes and cancer. After all, we are more connected than we realize” (5/3).