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Forbes Interview Examines Link Between Women’s Rights, World Population

Noting the U.N. last week “announced in its ‘World Population Prospects’ report that by 2050, global population will reach 9.6 billion, a 300 million people increase from the 2010 revision,” Forbes contributor Anushay Hossain interviews Suzanne Ehlers, president of Population Action International (PAI), in Forbes’ “World With A View” blog. They discuss how women’s rights factor into the issue and “why Americans should be listening.” According to the interview transcript, Ehlers examines how, “in Washington, attacks on women’s reproductive health, both globally and domestically, persist as foreign aid keeps getting cut”; whether “U.S domestic politics around abortion spilled onto the international arena”; how “investing in women’s rights tie into slowing the world’s population growth”; and what the role of U.S. foreign policy is in promoting women’s rights, among other topics (6/20).