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Food Security ‘Fundamental Requirement’ For Global Stability

News Deeply: Hunger Is Making the World Less Stable
Chase Sova, director of public policy and research at World Food Program USA

“…Food security is a fundamental requirement of any stable society. … In a comprehensive review of the work on this topic, a new report from World Food Program USA shows that food insecurity has been empirically linked to at least nine separate types of instability, ranging from protest to interstate conflict, with terrorism and civil war in between. … Modern crises are almost never driven by a single cause. But when food insecurity meets with poor governance, a lack of economic opportunity, and existing societal grievances, the conditions for conflict to emerge — or re-emerge — can be met. … Breaking the cycle of hunger and conflict is among the great challenges of our day. Doing so, however, begins with acknowledging the link between food insecurity and global instability. Surely, one of the best investments we can make in global stability is to help people who can’t feed themselves or their families” (4/10).