Food Aid In Besieged Syrian Towns Running Low As More Than 1M Civilians In Need Of Assistance, NGO Says

The Guardian: Madaya again facing starvation as report warns of extent of sieges
“The besieged Syrian town of Madaya is facing starvation again because meager supplies delivered last month are already running out, residents have said, as the United Nations was accused of severely underestimating the number of people suffering under blockades around the country. More than a million Syrian civilians are living in besieged towns and villages, according to the aid organization Siege Watch, more than double the number listed in U.N. data…” (Graham-Harrison/Shaheen, 2/9).

VICE News: ‘They Will Die There’: Video Shows Starvation Inside Madaya Clinic Run by a Vet
“After three years under siege, mass starvation, and relentless airstrikes, the people of Madaya didn’t think it could get much worse. Then their only doctor disappeared in the middle of the night. In the besieged Syrian town, which made international headlines in January when photos of its starving residents spread around the world, the only medical care facility, slightly euphemistically called the field hospital, is now run by two dentists, an agricultural engineer, and a vet…” (Callaghan, 2/9).