Financial Times Examines Ebola Outbreak’s Effects On Liberia’s People, Economy

As part of a series of articles titled “Investing In Liberia,” the Financial Times features two pieces examining Ebola’s effects on the nation’s population and economy.

Financial Times: Ebola’s effect on Liberia: ‘Everyone was in a state of confusion’
“Countries often reveal themselves in a crisis. The outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, which killed nearly 5,000 people and brought much economic activity to a halt, was no exception. The picture that emerged was contradictory. Liberia showed itself as both ill-prepared — with just 50 doctors before the outbreak for a population of more than four million — as well as resilient…” (Pilling, 4/8).

Financial Times: Liberia faces tough tests after Ebola and commodity slump
“They are calling it the ‘double whammy.’ First, the Liberian economy was hit by a devastating outbreak of Ebola, which was not only tragic in terms of lost lives, but also brought investment and much commerce to a halt. Even as the country was dealing with that crisis, another was looming. The price of iron ore and rubber, Liberia’s principal exports, collapsed, depriving it of precious export earnings and tax revenue…” (Pilling, 4/8).