Philippines Government Must Implement HIV Prevention Strategies To Reach Key Populations

The Lancet: Losing the fight against HIV in the Philippines
Editorial Board

“The Philippines is facing an unprecedented HIV crisis. New infections have doubled in the past six years to more than 10,000 new cases last year alone. … The country has a small window of opportunity to curb the rise of what is now the fastest growing HIV epidemic in the Asia-Pacific region. The Filipino government must [implement] tried and tested, community-led, effective harm reduction policies that can reach all at-risk populations. Stigma against [people who inject drugs (PWID)], lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex people, and people living with HIV can and must be prevented. Early testing, access to reproductive health, sex education, and antiretroviral treatment should be facilitated. The Philippines must act, today, or risk losing the fight against HIV” (8/12).