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FDA Issues Guidance To Reduce Risk Of Zika Transmission Through Blood Supply

News outlets report on new FDA guidance recommending individuals not donate blood if they have visited Zika-affected areas, possibly have been exposed to the virus, or have had Zika virus infection in order to reduce the risk of Zika transmission through the blood supply.

CQ HealthBeat: Travelers to Zika Areas Should Defer Blood Donation, FDA Says (Siddons, 2/16).

The Hill: FDA moves to protect blood donations from Zika virus (Sullivan, 2/16).

New York Times: FDA Issues Zika Virus Guidelines for Blood Supply (Saint Louis, 2/16).

Reuters: FDA recommends ban on blood collections from Zika-affected areas (Clarke, 2/16).

Washington Post: FDA: Blood donors at risk for Zika should defer giving blood for 4 weeks (Dennis/Sun, 2/16).