Famine Threatens South Sudan Due To Drought, Floods, Political Instability, WFP Warns

Reuters: Famine stalks millions in South Sudan after droughts, floods — U.N
“Famine threatens the lives of up to 5.5 million people in South Sudan, where droughts and flooding have destroyed crops and livestock, compounding ‘intense political instability,’ the United Nations warned on Thursday…” (Nebehay, 12/12).

U.N. News: South Sudan famine threat: UN food security agency in ‘race against time’
“… ‘South Sudan is in trouble, serious trouble. Not just because of the conflict but because of the rains and the flooding that has hit in the last few months. It is much worse than we had anticipated,’ said WFP Executive Director David Beasley. ‘In fact, if we don’t get $100 million in the next few weeks … we are literally talking about famine in the next few months’…” (12/12).