Experts Discuss Ways To Incentivize New Antibiotic Development At Milken Institute Global Conference Panel

STAT: Fixing a ‘market failure’: To develop new antibiotics, upend the incentive structure, experts urge
“…[W]hat if U.S. policymakers upended the incentive structure for developing new therapies? What if, for instance, drug makers were granted additional exclusivity in certain situations? Increasingly, the idea of rethinking models for antibiotic development is animating industry leaders and policy wonks eager to find new tools to combat superbugs. … Finding new ways to spark enthusiasm — and investment — in tackling these ever-evolving pathogens is still very nascent. But experts [who participated in a panel discussion on the issue earlier this week at the Milken Institute Global Conference] agree that it’ll involve a public-private partnership: Government entities, investors, and the industry will have to work together to find better treatments…” (Keshavan, 5/2).