Experimental Ebola Drug Trial Halted In Sierra Leone As ‘Predefined Statistical Endpoint’ Reached

New York Times: Clinical Trial of Experimental Ebola Drug Is Halted
“In a setback for efforts to combat Ebola, an experimental drug that researchers had considered one of the most promising potential treatments has not worked in patients in Sierra Leone, the drug’s developer said Friday…” (Pollack, 6/19).

ScienceInsider: In setback for potential Ebola drug, company halts trial
“…The company that developed the drug, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals of Burnaby, Canada, and the Wellcome Trust, which sponsored the trial, announced [Friday] that they would not enroll any more patients because the trial had reached ‘a predefined statistical endpoint.’ Early results suggest that adding more patients to the study ‘was unlikely to demonstrate an overall therapeutic benefit to patients,’ the Wellcome Trust said in its statement…” (Vogel/Kupferschmidt, 6/19).