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Expanding Family Planning Access Requires Coordinated Rights-Based Approach

Devex: Rights-based family planning: Collaboration for acceleration
Beth Schlachter, executive director of FP2020, and Yetnayet Asfaw, vice president for strategy and impact at EngenderHealth

“…We have both the opportunity and obligation to accelerate our progress [in expanding family planning access] by putting an individual’s rights at the center — and making sure they stay there. However, this must be a collective, concerted effort by governments, health care providers, communities, and clients. … [A] broad array of partners have collaborated to develop frameworks to articulate what a rights-based approach entails, design tools and trainings to help create rights-based programs, and now to roll out these tools as a way of engaging diverse stakeholders, measuring their impact, and ultimately holding our governments and ourselves accountable. … [L]et’s renew our promise to coordinate across donors, partners, and implementers and make rights-based family planning a reality for the millions of women and girls who are relying on us to get this right…” (2/2).