Journal Article Examines Migration And Disease Spread

In the Fall issue of the World Policy Journal, journalist Amy Lieberman examines migration and disease spread. “With today’s large-scale movement of vast populations, disease spreads quickly, and it is increasingly urgent for governments to claim responsibility for a threat that is not contained within their borders,” she writes, adding, “Political leaders need to collaborate and pledge, on national and regional levels, to include non-citizens like labor migrants as inclusive recipients of the same health services and basic rights their own citizens enjoy.” She continues, “Yet the issue of health — access to education, services, treatment, and a quality of life that can prevent migrants from getting sick with a transmittable illness — remains largely absent from regional and international agreements and discussions on migration.” She examines national policies in several regions, international agreements on the issue, and the spread of diseases including HIV and sexually transmitted infections, as well as influenza (Fall 2013).