Recognizing Caribbean-American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Rachel Albalak, director of the CDC’s Caribbean Regional Office, and Jean Wysler Domercant, acting director of clinical services in Haiti at the CDC’s Division of Global HIV/AIDS, recognize Caribbean-American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, observed in the U.S. on June 8, and examine HIV/AIDS in the region in the blog. “According to the UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report 2012 [.pdf], the Caribbean region has the sharpest declines in the number of new HIV infections worldwide since 2001, with a drop of more than 42 percent,” they write, and continue, “Although tremendous progress has been achieved in the Caribbean region, and we have the tools needed to achieve an AIDS-free generation, many challenges remain.” They outline some of these challenges and conclude, “The gains we’ve made are impressive, but our work is not done. A historic opportunity is before us — achieving an AIDS-free generation” (6/7).