Blog Examines Disagreement Over Food Aid Reform Among Aid Groups

“Food aid is shaping up to be one of the most hotly contended issues in the frequently hotly contended Farm Bill,” development blogger Tom Paulson writes in the Humanosphere blog. “[T]he Obama administration has proposed some major changes to food aid aimed at purchasing some of the food overseas and closer to the hunger crisis du jour,” Paulson writes, adding, “This is the approach taken by other donor countries doing food aid and is widely regarded by experts as cheaper (a better buy for the taxpayers), more efficient and, if adopted by the U.S., capable of feeding two to four million more hungry people per year for the same amount of money.” He discusses how two organizations involved with food aid, Oxfam and World Vision, disagree on the proposed changes. Paulson concludes, “[S]o far, mean politics appears to be winning over meaningful policy. The U.S. Senate [on Monday] largely ignored the Obama administration’s requests for food aid reform” (6/4).