Ethiopia Expected To Pass Anti-Gay Law

News outlets report on proposed legislation in Ethiopia that would make homosexuality a “non-pardonable” offense.

Associated Press: Ethiopian lawmakers to pass bill deemed anti-gay
“Ethiopia’s lawmakers are set to pass a bill that puts homosexuality on a list of offenses considered ‘non-pardonable’ under the country’s amnesty law, a measure that continues a trend of anti-gay legislation across Africa…” (Meseret, 3/25).

Washington Post: Another African country is expected to pass an anti-gay law
“…The move comes on the heels of the passage of harsh anti-gay laws in Uganda and Nigeria that drew condemnation from around the world. Same-sex acts were already illegal in Ethiopia, punishable by up to 15 years in prison. But during the Ethiopian New Year, the president often pardons thousands of prisoners, the AP said. The new law, endorsed last week by the Cabinet, would take away his ability to pardon people convicted under anti-homosexuality laws…” (Rupar, 3/25).