Epidemiologists, Gene Researchers Hunt For Clues On Ebola’s Spread

IRIN: Ebola: Where next and how bad?
“In the past few months huge amounts of time and energy have been spent trying to second-guess the progress of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Where will the next hotspot be? … Predictions so far have been off the mark, so better ways of modeling are clearly needed. Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC), a U.K. funding body, is now financing two Ebola-related projects aimed at improving epidemiological prognosis…” (12/1).

New York Times: The Virus Detectives
“…The [Broad Institute’s] research is emblematic of a new direction in public health, which uses powerful genetic methods and applies them to entire populations. The aim is to get a detailed picture of disease epidemiology, as the disease is happening. Armed with such data, doctors should be better able to stop epidemics and researchers can get clues to treating and preventing infections…” (Kolata, 12/1).