Ensuring Global Health Security Includes Strengthening Current Health Systems To Respond To NCDs

Project Syndicate: The ABCs of NCD Care
Amy Israel, director for Global Health Thought Leadership and Policy at Eli Lilly

“…At the same time that we prepare for the emergence of Disease X, we must also strengthen the kind of supportive health care systems that help patients live full, healthy lives. To that end, health care providers, non-governmental organizations, governments, and businesses in some of the highest-risk countries are collaborating to develop innovative approaches to combat [noncommunicable diseases (NCDs)]. … [W]e should … remember that global health security is about more than protecting people from the latest bug. It means accompanying patients along the full continuum of care, to ensure that they live long, healthy, and productive lives. To do that, we will need to strengthen current health systems, educate and empower frontline health care workers, and maximize cost-saving technologies…” (5/11).