‘Enhanced Global Cooperation And Better Preparation’ Necessary To Address Next Disease Outbreak

BloombergBusiness: Lessons From Africa’s Hard-Won Victory Over Ebola
Charles Kenny, senior fellow at the Center for Global Development

“…There should be a system … to ensure that all countries really do have the capacity to track infectious disease outbreaks and control their spread across borders. … We need a [peacekeeping-type] system to respond to international infectious disease emergencies … On the [drug] development side, governments could commit more resources to public research into cures. But the power of the private sector could be better harnessed as well. … To increase demand, governments can club together to create an ‘advanced market commitment’ … The lesson of the Ebola crisis is that when faced with emerging infectious disease threats, the world needs to react faster and stronger — based on enhanced global cooperation and better preparation…” (2/3).