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Ending TB Requires Investments In Community Health Workers

Inter Press Service: End Tuberculosis by Empowering Community Health Workers
David Bryden, TB advocacy officer at RESULTS

“…[I]n addition to appropriate medication [to treat TB], it is ‘human support’ that makes the difference between life and death. … By fully tapping the potential of community health workers, we can identify and locate [people who have TB but have gone unreported and untreated], connect them to care, and, ultimately, reduce and prevent further TB infections and other health conditions. … For the U.N. High-Level Meeting, all member states have agreed on a Political Declaration on the Fight Against Tuberculosis, and it contains a key promise: that they ‘Commit to find the missing people with tuberculosis.’ To keep this promise, governments must lay out specific and costed plans for training, protecting, and compensating the frontline health care workers who do the hard work of going out into the community, even going door-to-door, to find people in need and give them hope…” (9/24).