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Ending Poverty, Hunger In Africa Requires Sustained Commitment From All Stakeholders

Inter Press Service: Renewed Partnership to End Hunger in Africa by 2025
António Guterres, secretary general of the United Nations

“…Hunger, food insecurity, and poverty are closely linked. Sustainable and inclusive agricultural growth is vital to achieve both SDG1 on poverty and SDG2 on hunger, and also influences many other goals. This means adopting national agricultural policies and investment plans that focus not only on agricultural sector development, but on poverty, hunger, and resilience to climate change. … To build and sustain peace and address hunger and poverty, we need community-based approaches that build social cohesion and the capacity of local institutions and actors. Improved governance that can deliver equitable services is essential. … Governments and development partners need to significantly increase their resource allocation and improve targeting of hunger and poverty eradication initiatives. Governments need to create conditions for much greater investment by the private sector in enterprises that can generate benefits for the poor and the food-insecure. … Finally, all stakeholders need to be accountable for commitments. That means generating and sharing data and information on policy and institutional changes, resource allocations and investments, and progress on SDG1 and SDG2 and related national and regional goals and targets” (1/29).