Ending Global AIDS Pandemic Requires Commitment From Next U.S. President

Huffington Post: The Next President Has a Narrow Window to End Global AIDS: The Plan All Candidates Must Address
Hilary McQuie, director of U.S. Government Policy and Grassroots Mobilization at Health GAP (Global Access Project)

“…The U.S. plays the most crucial role in funding the response to the global [AIDS] pandemic, and with current available treatments, the next president of the United States has a historic opportunity to be the one who ends the AIDS pandemic. … What will it take to scale-up access to HIV treatment and care to [stop new infections by 2030]? For starters, it will take leadership from the United States. The U.S. is by far the largest donor to global AIDS programs. …[A]n increase in funding from donor countries is necessary to achieve the end of this crisis. … [W]e need visionary leadership in the White House that is committed to ending AIDS. … Right now, Senator Sanders is the only candidate who has offered any sort of vision for ending AIDS in the form of solid campaign commitments. Although Hillary Clinton has a record on global AIDS programs, it is time for her to … present her plan for the future. And it is long overdue for the Republican candidates to do the same” (3/16).