Ending AIDS Requires Vigorous, Generous Global Efforts

New York Times: The World Could End AIDS if It Tried
Editorial Board

“The world has made so much progress in reducing the spread of AIDS and treating people with HIV that the epidemic has receded from the public spotlight. Yet by any measure the disease remains a major threat … [Ending AIDS by 2030 is a] laudable and ambitious goal, reachable only if individual nations vigorously campaign to treat everyone who has the virus and to limit new infections. The medicines and know-how are there, but in many countries the money and political will are not. Besides shining a spotlight on the disease, it’s crucial that wealthy nations like the United States continue to pony up generously to underwrite what must be a global effort. … [The numbers of people affected by AIDS] do not argue for complacency, but instead for more vigorous public health campaigns, increased access to condoms, clean needles for drug users, and prescriptions for pre-exposure drugs. There is still no cure for AIDS. But there are many ways to minimize its deadly consequences” (6/13).