Empowering Community HCWs Can Reduce Maternal, Child Mortality

Huffington Post: Community Health Workers Are a Key Part of a Strong Health System
Marion Roche, technical adviser at the Micronutrient Initiative

“…[Community] health workers play a critical role in their communities and yet there is a shortage of skilled and supported health workers. … There are many complicated problems that we do not know how to fix affordably, problems that people are busy studying and trying to find solutions for but there are many problems that we do know how to fix. … Many of these life-saving interventions, such as zinc and ORS, will travel the last mile in a health worker’s satchel, to be hand delivered to caregivers in some of the most vulnerable and isolated communities. … What comes out of the [Saving Every Woman Every Child] summit will be felt around the world and hopefully support and recognition will be generated for by the health care workers delivering basic health care to the very people the summit wants to reach” (5/27).