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Elimination Of NTDs, Poverty Go ‘Hand-In-Hand’

Ashley Schmidt, program and operations associate for the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases at the Sabin Vaccine Institute, writes in the “End The Neglect” blog, “Not only are [neglected tropical diseases (NTDs)] found in what I like to call ‘poverty pockets’ in our society, but these diseases keep people trapped in poverty by prohibiting productivity of those infected. … Treating and controlling NTD is known as a ‘best-buy’ in public health — offering low cost interventions and yielding high returns for populations. Yet NTDs still thrive in our world today for many complex and often interconnected reasons. … But one message is clear and also was re-iterated recently by the United Nations secretary general Ban Ki Moon: ‘Poverty reduction and the elimination of NTDs go hand-in-hand’…” (1/24).