Eliminating TB Requires Innovative Tools, Approaches, More Ambition

The Conversation: To eliminate TB we need imagination and ambition
Madhukar Pai, director of global health and professor at McGill University

“…The fact that we are still using century-old tools to tackle the biggest killer infection betrays a complete lack of ambition. So, before we can eliminate TB, we must end our lack of ambition. Only when we become more ambitious will our heads of state come around, rally, and support us. … [T]he field urgently needs to develop new tools, as well as adopt and implement the science of quality improvement. The TB community must think beyond coverage and demand high quality care for all patients in all countries. More importantly, we need to reinvent the way we are managing TB, and, as medical anthropologist and physician Paul Farmer put it, we must overcome our collective failures of the imagination” (10/17).