Eliminating TB Is A ‘Humanitarian Imperative,’ ‘Economic Necessity’

Huffington Post: The Missed 3 Million: Reducing the Threat of Tuberculosis Worldwide
Susan Blumenthal, public health editor for the Huffington Post, Laura McCulloch, student at Dartmouth College, and Stephanie Heung, student at Yale University

“…Public health interventions have made major progress in fighting TB, with incidence rates significantly declining since World TB Day was first observed 32 years ago. However, much more needs to be done to achieve a TB-free world. … The elimination of TB worldwide will only be successful if community, regional, national, and international partners from all sectors of society join resources and collaborate to implement life-saving solutions. This will require providing development assistance to low- and middle-income countries, prioritizing the eradication of TB in high-income countries, and investing in the discovery of new treatment and prevention strategies. Eliminating tuberculosis is not only a humanitarian imperative, but it is also an economic necessity. Without intervention, TB will continue to devastate lives and communities around the world” (8/1).