El Niño Weather Pattern Will Cause Hunger Among Millions Of World’s Poorest People, Oxfam Report Says

News outlets highlight findings from an Oxfam report discussing the potential impact of El Niño on food security among the world’s poor people.

The Guardian: Record El Niño set to cause hunger for 10 million poorest, Oxfam warns
“At least 10 million of the world’s poorest people are set to go hungry this year because of failing crops caused by one of the strongest El Niño climatic events on record, Oxfam has warned…” (Milman, 9/30).

Reuters: Millions face hunger due to climate change, ‘super El Niño’: Oxfam
“…As world leaders prepare for a U.N. summit on climate change in Paris in December, increasing climatic disruption, driven by rising temperatures, threatens to increase the likelihood of humanitarian emergencies at a time when the aid system is already under enormous strain, Oxfam said…” (D’Urso, 10/1).