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Editorial, Opinion Piece Discuss Impacts Of Ebola Epidemic

The Lancet: Ebola: protection of health care workers
Editorial Board

“…Prevention of Ebola in health-care workers is crucial to improve the health response to all causes of morbidity and mortality in affected countries” (12/27).

The Lancet: Offline: Can Ebola be a route to nation-building?
Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet

“…Ebola has encouraged countries to tell the truth about failed neoliberal theories of human development, the malign interference of old (and new) colonial ‘partners,’ the paternalism of the international community, the lack of coordination among donors, the breakdown of trust between communities and their governments, and the total absence of accountability for the plethora of promises made. Can this truth-telling be harnessed to turn a humanitarian crisis into an unexpected societal dividend? The next six months will tell” (12/27).

The Hill: What we learned from ‘Ebolanoia’
David Seres, associate professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center

“…The Ebola outbreak rages on in Africa and there is no easing of our own outbreak of ‘Ebolanoia,’ the unfounded hysteria over Ebola caused by fear mongering that is far more dangerous than the virus could ever be. There is no vaccine against Ebolanoia, except factual and scientific information…” (12/18).